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Made in China - The World's Largest Luxury Ro-Ro Ship

Made in China - The World's Largest Luxury Ro-Ro Ship

        On December 19, the "MOBY LEGACY," the second 2,500-passenger/3,800-lane-meter luxury Ro-Ro ship built by China Shipbuilding Group's Guangzhou Shipyard International for the Italian MOBY Line, set sail from Longxue Island in Nansha, Guangzhou. With a gross tonnage exceeding 70,000, it is one of the largest luxury Ro-Ro ships ever built and will operate on routes between Genoa, Olbia, and Livorno along the Italian coast of the Mediterranean Sea after delivery.


        The "MOBY LEGACY" is 237 meters long and 33 meters wide, with a service speed of about 23.5 knots. It has 13 decks and 533 cabins, capable of accommodating 2,500 passengers and nearly 800 cars. The upper structure of the ship covers an area of about 16,000 square meters, with about 10,000 square meters dedicated to various restaurants and recreational facilities for tourists, comparable to a luxury cruise ship and equivalent to a floating "five-star hotel" at sea.

        Designed with a focus on green environmental protection and efficient operation, the "MOBY LEGACY" sets a benchmark as a "green vessel." The ship is equipped with a new vehicle loading system, allowing direct boarding through the central rear door into the main garage, while two side doors on the ship's sides also provide access to the upper deck ramp, effectively improving loading efficiency. Additionally, it features the latest hybrid scrubber system to ensure clean and environmentally-friendly exhaust emissions. The ship is equipped with an ultra-low power consumption engine system, capable of high-speed navigation up to 25 knots with very low fuel consumption.


        Moreover, the ship has reserved interfaces for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) propulsion capabilities, allowing the owner to switch to LNG as the ship's power fuel in the future, which will further reduce the vessel's pollutant emissions.

         Guangzhou Shipyard International has been deeply involved in the construction of luxury Ro-Ro ships for over 20 years and is currently the shipbuilding company with the most luxury Ro-Ro ship deliveries and orders worldwide. It has mastered key core technologies in luxury Ro-Ro ship design and construction, such as weight and center of gravity control, vibration and noise control, safe return to port technology, and superstructure warm area painting processes. The company has developed a series of core patents in Ro-Ro ship design, breaking foreign technological monopolies and gaining high recognition in the international market, promoting the formation of a complete domestic industrial and supply chain.

        Zhou Xuhui, the company's deputy general manager, explained that the "MOBY LEGACY" has achieved 100% domestication in its interior decoration, from design and manufacturing to installation.

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