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What‘s the purchasing process of second-hand ships?
Sending us your requirements specific(ship type, tonnage, year of construction, sailing area etc.) we will match the available ship resources in the Chinese market from our database according to your needs, and send you back detailed information and price of the ship. After confirming the transaction intention from your part, we will organize an inspection for your team. You can also entrust a third-party to come to our port for inspection and issue an inspection report. When the inspection completed, Vesselslink will sign a contract with you. You will pay us the amount according to the terms of the contract. When everything is completed, we will deliver the ship in China. If you need delivery service to your country, we can arrange the delivery agency for you. (Additional costs incurred will be calculated separately.)
What if I can't find the ship I need?
Our platform gathers 60% of the used ship resources in the Chinese market. Due to export permission issues, we have only shown a portion of them to overseas customers. Please contact us through WhatsApp or email, we will provide you more vessels. After confirming the transaction, we will assist you in handling the relevant procedures for ship export.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
We have established long-term trading relationships with overseas customers from 13 countries, so we accept diversified payment methods. Including:such as bank transfer, letter of credit, cash, etc. We can also provide you with other specialized payment methods based on your special situation. Please contact us for specific information.
Do You Ship Internationally?
Over the past 25 years, we have completed over 200 transactions with clients worldwide, most of which are delivered overseas, including port cities such as Seoul, Taipei, Manila, Dubai, and Singapore etc. We have a professional delivery team to provide you with the possibility of overseas delivery. Please contact us for specific ports and we will provide you with the best delivery plan based on the current international situation.

Other services

Can we visit your shipyard? How to make an appointment?
Welcome to visit our shipyard. Over the past 25 years, we have received customers from over 30 countries. Please contact us two weeks in advance. We have a team to receive customers and provide services in English, French, Korean, Japanese, and other languages. Our team will also assist overseas clients in providing necessary documents to handle visa procedures. Please confirm with us the ship type, price, and other characteristics you would like to know during the appointment, and we will guide you to visit the port where the ship is moored according to your needs.
Do you provide equipment repair and ship maintenance services?
Yes,we provide equipment repair and ship maintenance services. Please contact us in advance to make an appointment for this service. Because we need to purchase the necessary equipment based on your ship type, construction year, and existing problems, and arrange for the dock to conduct inspections and repairs. The specific cost will be determined based on the actual situation
Do you provide after-sales service? How to deal with product quality problems?
Vesselslink provides after-sales service for every ship sold on our platform. Before sales, we provide professional quality inspection and issue certificates. For different ship types, we provide free quality maintenance for 1-5 years, and indicate our obligations in the contract.

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