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Top 10 second-hand ship buyers in the world 2023 (general cargo ships and oil tankers)

Top 10 second-hand ship buyers in the world 2023 (general cargo ships and oil tankers)

2023, in the second-hand ship market for bulk carriers and tankers, Golden Ocean Group and Scorpio Tankers were the most active buyers, having spent more than US$1.1 billion.

The top ten companies in the second-hand trading of general cargo ships spent a total of US$1.58 billion on 51 vessels, while the top ten tanker owners bought 90 second-hand vessels and spent a total of US$3.66 billion, more than double that of general cargo ships



Top 10 tankers buyers in the world

1: Scorpio Tankers ranked first in the list of second-hand tanker transactions.

The company purchased 17 ships with a total value of US$829.3 million, including 13 MRs and 4 LR2s. These ships are very young, with an average age of just four years. Since September 2022, the value of the four-year MR has been above $40 million, while the value of the LR2 of the same age has also been above $65 million, an all-time high since 2008.

This is a result of increased global demand for tankers since sanctions were imposed on Russian oil, changing trade flow patterns in favor of earnings and value.

Oil Tanker      Oil Tanker

2: Gatik Ship Management, founded in December 2021, has purchased up to 19 ships this year, pushing its total fleet to 63 ships.

The average age of these second-hand ships is 15 years, including one VLCC, three Suezmax, four Aframax, four LR2, one LR1, four MR and two small clean tankers, with a total expenditure of 6.409 One hundred million U.S. dollars. Gatik has taken advantage of the continued high value of used tankers and has successfully resold a number of vessels.

3: Teekay Tankers.

The company bought one Suezmax, four Aframaxes and four LR2s for a total outlay of $393.9 million. The average age of the ships purchased is 12 years.


top10 general cargo ship buyers in the world

1: Golden Ocean ranked first in terms of total expenditure in the second-hand bulk carrier trading market

In February, it purchased six Newcastle Capesize ships from H Line Shipping, each with a deadweight tonnage of 208,000, with an average age of four years, at a cost of US$291 million.

2: Pacific Basin Shipping, ranked for first place with Lomar Shipping in terms of the number of transactions

Pacific Basin has purchased nine second-hand bulk carriers this year, and ranked second at a cost of US$189.9 million. These include six Ultramax, two Supramax and one Handymax, with an average age of 10 years.

Lomar tied for first in the number of bulk carriers it purchased, but ranked only sixth in total spending. The new bulk carriers added to the fleet include five Panamaxes and four Supramaxes, with an average age of 12 years and a total value of US$137.7 million.

General cargo ship

3: Bocom ranks third in the world in terms of asset value purchased this year

with total expenditure of US$188.7 million. Generally speaking, they are all smaller ships, so the total value of the ships is higher. This includes a 2021-built Capesize, an 11-year-old Sub-Panamax, a 2023-built Panamax and two 2023-built Supramaxes.

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